Monday, July 26, 2021

Tools of the trade, physical tools! Part I *Updated*


As someone being in the security industry, we use all types of tools, be them physical, digital, or social. This article is going to cover the physical tool area.

As a security professional we use numerous tools of all types. Strippers, crimpers, screwdrivers, side cutters, linesman pliers, wrenches, allen key sets, and many other hand tools of all sizes.  Also electrical testers, line testers, camera testers, network testers, pretty much all kinds of tools used by electricians, we also use as security technicians.  

Now these tools are expensive, some very! It is always nice to see when some good choices come along. Jonard Tools!

Here I will be testing and trying some tools of the trade sent to me by Jonard Tools.  I will be using them for a couple weeks, then I will post a review on which tools I used and what I thought of them! So stay tuned!

If you want to check out Jonard Tools, and the many items they have, and they have an excellent selection, click their link below.


Received the Ferret Pro Camera, with accessories. Didn't get a chance to do an unboxing Video, but will add screen-shots and usage video soon!  The App is extremely easy to download and install, and with the built in WiFi spot, you connect to the camera directly, open the app, and away you go! It's all that easy! I've gotten to use this device only once so far, but I must say, this device is an amazing time saver! With the extension rod, and the bending elbow adapters, this camera can pretty much go anywhere! Even has built in LED lights, along with a focus slide option that helps make the picture & video perfect! It also has 720p and 360p settings for video, and can save .jpg or .png snapshots! Stay tuned, I will be adding more very soon!


Got to try out another great time saving device provided to me by Jonard Tools! The Cable comb!  This is an excellent device for keeping cables separated and untangled.  It also makes for easier labelling and terminating.  I will be using this one very often! It is a must have for any technician that installs multiple cables at a time!

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