Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Credit Card scam !!!


Well, I woke up to this scam this morning, I got a call from a '780' area code, and upon answering, was confronted with a recording telling my that there was some unauthorized charges to my credit card. First one was $400 to Ebay, and the second was $1400 in gift cards. The recording then proceeded to say if accurate to press 1 to authorize or press 2 to not authorize.  This is where it doesn't matter what you press, you are/will be transferred to an "operator", it was at this point that I disconnected the call.

This happened to both my phone, and my daughters phone about 10 minutes apart. So there is another red flag. Below are 2 of the phone numbers that called me, and I do believe these numbers are hijacked as well, (which is when you call it back, you may reach a legitimate company)




I would be wary of any "Visa" or "MasterCard" calls from these numbers, also:

1. DO NOT give them any information, ie. your credit card number, your password, or the CCV number (the number on the back of the card)

2. DO NOT "verify" any information they may have.

3. DO NOT call any other number they may provide.

4. DO NOT go to any websites they may provide as well.

5. Just hang up!


If you do or have provided any information to them, contact your bank and credit card company immediately to lock your card!

Contact your local Police with the phone numbers they called you from, and as much information as you can provide.

NEVER send any money or other form of payment to them!

If you are still unsure of anything - CALL your bank! They will provide further information! 

Here is a link to an RCMP article with an overview of the scam - Credit Card Scam


Keep an eye on this page for ongoing information.

Stay safe!




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