Monday, December 14, 2020

Layers of the Web

*Information purposes only*



Most people don’t realize the size of the internet (Web). A lot of people are happy with just the surface web, where everything is indexed by google, yahoo, bing, etc. What you may not know is that this part of the web makes up only about 5-10% of the internet. The other 90+% is made up of the Deep web and the Dark web.

The surface web is the safest place for the casual user and gamers etc. Think of it as an iceberg, the top part you see, is the surface web. With all the largest parts underneath where you can’t see them.

Here is a link to explain the surface web in a bit more detail. Surface Web.

 Next we have the Deep Web. (Click for more detailed description) This part of the web is not indexed by Google or any other search engines and requires specific software to access the sites. For example Tor browser (The Onion Router), is used to access these websites, if you know the addresses or know where to go.


This is where you will find tons of information for sale. For example, hacked accounts of all types, games, facebook, emails, porn sites, bank accounts, etc. All for a price. The currency of choice on the dark web of course is Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies). Bitcoin is a digital currency that is almost completely untraceable. Be careful what you look for and access here, without proper security, and vpn’s etc. You may just fall victim yourself.

And lastly, we have the Dark Web. This is a place you don’t want to be.



The dark web is a nasty place, where you will find anything you could imagine, all illegal of course. This is where drug deals, gun deals, human trafficing, hitmen, ISIS redrooms, etc are all found. This part of the web is not accessable by regular web browsers at all. You need specific software and other measures to access this. I do not recommend you visit this part of the web. If you attempt to, you do so at your own risk! I do not condon any use of the dark web. This article is for information purposes only!

Hopefully this has explained a bit more about the internet and the hidden parts of it for you. Remeber you access these parts of the web at your own risk! Don’t forget your ISP knows everywhere you go on the internet.

Stay safe.



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