Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Have cryptocurrency? Beware these Chrome extentions!

To add to an ever-growing list of malicious extensions for Chrome, this list targets your crypto-currency wallets! 

The following article here lists some of those extensions that go looking for your hard-earned coins.

Extensions aren't a new thing, a lot of the "average" internet user doesn't use these. Although there are some out there that do and can fall prey to them.  Browser extensions are meant to enhance your internet experience, but like all things in cyberspace, there is always someone trying to steal something from you.

Here is an article from TheHackerNews from February, regarding 500 extensions that were removed from the google play store. 500 Chrome extensions caught stealing your data!

 There are many very useful extensions, and like anything else you tend to acquire, a little research goes a long way.  Read over the description and install instructions very carefully, and make yourself aware that when you are installing the extensions, you are giving it and the creator access to your browser and possibly it's history and your browsing habits!

In this new day and age, and the way our world is constantly changing now, always watch what you are giving out online!

Stay safe all!


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