Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Twitch Hack/Breach!


Once again, another social media site has been hacked, with tons of data stolen and posted to the dark web and other information boards.  So, if you use or have a Twitch account, I'd advise changing password(s), and or removing payment info, and even keep an eye on any credit card or payment services you had stored on Twitch.  This would include payment info for those that receive payments from streaming as well.

Bleeping Computer has an excellent in depth article regarding the severity of the breach, check it out here:

 Twitch source code and data leak

 Twitch has acknowledged the breach and is taking preventative measures towards securing all their information and data.  Here is their Tweet.

For those that may not know, Amazon is the parent company of Twitch, so it wouldn't hurt to change those Amazon passwords as well, especially for those that reuse passwords!! Click Here to read about this.

With technology getting more and more advanced and available, and with all the lockdowns that have taken place, many scammers and hackers have turned to many forms of cyber scams etc. Try not to become a victim! Keep yourself informed!

Once again all, stay safe!

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