Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Have an old computer? Current computer running slow? Try this!


Your system running slow? Do you have annoying pop ups coming out of no where? Do you have known malware, adware, or viruses on your system? Maybe you even have an older computer sitting around that is sluggish, and you would like to use again. Now, you have a few options on getting these fixed, and most of the time it can be expensive to have it professionally done. Not including the time needed to take it to the shop, especially in these new times where we are in lock-down or there are many restrictions preventing you from getting this type of work done.

Well, I have a solution for you! The FixMe Stick! I'm sure some of you have heard of this or even seen it on TV, as it was featured on Dragon's Den in 2014 and also in 2018. You maybe have even seen it in some stores near you, they were featured in Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, and a few others. They even received a 4 star rating from PC Mag in 2017 and in 2019 for the third year in a row were ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award program. With such great success they went forward to launch a new product, the StartMeStick! in 2019.

 Using the Plug and Play feature, they have created products that are very easy to use, extremely effective, efficiently priced and with the size of it reduces e-waste. With being in the computer field for over 25 years now, I have dealt with various computer problems, including 1000's of different virus', tons of malware and adware programs, and all kinds of hardware issues as well. Trying to keep up-to-date with all the different forms of virus' and malware out there has become nearly impossible, with thousands being released weekly. Along with this a lot of people sometimes forget to keep their software up-to-date as well, which usually ends up causing more problems. Most small businesses and large companies employ their own tech teams or local IT people which look after these problems. But what about the average user? or the less knowledgeable users? 

That's where the FixMe Stick comes into play! With its very affordable price, and extreme ease of use, anyone can use these solutions! It's as simple as plug and play, simply follow the onscreen instructions and voila! your done.

FixMeStick also has a business option or the "FixMeStick Pro" which is great for IT departments or small business that need a large number of computers scanned.

How about this! For reading this article today, and if you are interested in trying this out, click the image below for a 20% discount! Courtesy of FixMeStick and Mycomputerguy!

Try it out and drop me a line!




 Have an older system that is extremely slow? Have a system that you don't want to upgrade because you only use it for a few websites and emails?  Do you have to go have 3 cups of coffee and lunch before it even boots up? 

Well, Once again, here comes StartMeStick! The best solution for those that don't want to waste a ton of money upgrading a system they barely use. 

Just plug this into any USB slot, power it up, and boom! your up and running in a matter of seconds. With the awesomeness of plug'n'play, and it automatically connects to the internet* and is ready to go for all your browsing, email, and social media needs! It can be used anywhere and on as many computers as you want. With its perfect size, it just clips right onto your key-chain for perfect portability. They are also designed to never slow down, never break down, and never get infected. It's like having your computer in your pocket everywhere you go!

This little item is perfect for seniors and even those who don't like computers! Just plug it in, and your off!

 I will be doing a follow up article on this item, once I receive it and try it out for myself!



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