Saturday, May 23, 2020

Getting Ninja'd? It's all fun until....

The new fad!  Getting Wine Ninja'd, or just Ninja'd! It can be a lot of fun.  Until of course you start posting your Name, address, and other details online, in hopes to get a cheap bottle of wine.  Or even worse, the kids, or even YOUR kids doing the same and having someone ask them to "ninja" them. Can be where all hell breaks loose. 

RCMP in Newfoundland & Labrador have posted an article telling people to beware of what they are sharing online during this new craze.  Read about it here :  RCMP on getting Ninja'd

I can't stress enough on what and what not to post online regarding personal information. You should never share anything regarding your personal address or even phone number.  I have some previous articles here on the topic, feel free to search them up.

Getting Ninja'd is the act of someone, usually anonymous, dropping off a "gift" bag which usually will contain a bottle of wine.  But with the craze taking off, now it can just be anything in the "gift" bag.

Everyone loves getting gifts, even better are the unknown surprise ones!  But you should never have to give out any personal information to recieve these.  It is supposed to come from someone who already knows you and wants to surprise you.  Then you would do the same, make a bag and pass it on to someone you know, or don't. Don't forget, there are some out there that will and ARE using this fad to gather your info etc. and who are not looking to give any gifts.

Not saying don't participate. It's a great idea during these pandemic times! Just saying be safe! Don't let YOUR information end up where it's not supposed to be.

Here are a few articles about the Ninja craze!

Stay Safe!


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