Monday, December 2, 2019

The 'SIN' scam & Windows expiring scam

I came across this news story and figured I would share it as well.  I know of a few people who have received these calls.

SIN scam

 If you receive these types of calls, report it to your local police asap!

Windows 7 Scam

I'm going to add another here as well.  It seems quite a few people are getting robo & live calls regarding Windows 7 ending.  Well for starters, the support for Windows 7 ends, that's about it.  DO NOT takes calls from anyone claiming that your computer will stop after 48 hours or anything of the like.  These are all 100% scams.

Be careful of this phone number: 817-984-4496  ... you will likely hear something like this:

User this call is to inform you that we have Microsoft have officially stopped providing support for Windows versions older than Windows 10 this is the final warning to update your Windows computer to the latest version, if not done within 48 hours of this message or services, will be stopped officially by the Microsoft Corporation feel free to call 131-284-7657 extension 64 installations I repeat 312-847-6576.

DO NOT call that number, DO NOT follow any of their instructions, HANG UP!

Please be careful, once these people get a hold of your phone number and any other information, it can be very hard to get rid of them.

 Remember, if you need some extra information on any of these topics, please leave a comment, and I will elaborate more. I try to keep up with what is current, but so many happen every day, that's nearly impossible.

Stay safe online!


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